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Okay, so we really know squat about humor theory and all that stuff, even though we wish we could get a grant to read all the cool papers we turned up while putting this together.

But in actuality, we (okay, I, since Clyde has taken his 3DBB and left us), do consult on things I know something about, and a few things I can fake pretty well. If you are looking for some advice or help in any of the areas listed below, let me know.

I spend much of my time these days with another startup that is in the semantic web space, building a client for a semantic search and discovery system. This includes much work optimizing XML/XSLT processing, developing UI and the underlying architecture for semantic query and knowledge navigation, some work integrating NLP tools and developing categorization ontologies.

Nevertheless, I retain some time for interesting side-projects like the research collaborations with CWI, et al. I have been working off and on with the Apache Batik project, contributing designs for the animation and timing support, and I often do talks about SMIL and related topics.

Areas of expertise:

Multimedia Standards Representation
I have quite a bit of experience working with W3C and related standards organizations, specifically in areas of media and multimedia standards. I have authored formal submissions, edited standards documents, and built consensus in even the most difficult groups. 
Multimedia generation with XSLT
I have spent much of the last 3 years working on architecture, implementation and optimization of platforms, as well as specific schemas and transforms for generating SMIL, XHTML+SMIL, SVG and combinations thereof.
SMIL Timing, Time manipulations and Animation - Theory and model
Having helped to write the specs, I enjoy working with folks to get implementations and applications of this correct. I am also interested in integrations of SMIL functionality with other XML language applications.
This is the IE6 implementation of the integration of SMIL with XHTML (actually with HTML in IE6, but that is a long and dull story).
SVG Animation
Another SMIL integration, this time with vector graphics. I am not a vector graphics expert. I am getting pretty familiar with the interplay of IE6 and the Adobe SVG viewer plug-in for IE - you can do some pretty fun things with them in concert.